the 'sac' – Multi-functional Organiser


The Washable Paper 'sac' a very versatile organiser that has 101 storage uses around the home or office.

Some uses for a small ‘sac’:
• Herb planter
• In the office: pens & pencils, paperclips, rubber bands
• In the bathroom: make-up brushes, cotton tips, hair ties
• In the kitchen: garlic cloves, rock salt, keys, pantry items.

Some uses for a medium ‘sac’:
• Pot plant holder
• In the office: pens & pencils, scissors & utility knives, bulldog clips
• In the bathroom: toothpaste & tooth brush, hair brushes, cotton wool buds
• In the kitchen: tea bags, sunglasses, pantry items, lolly jar.

Some uses for a large ‘sac’:
• Pot plant holder
• In the office: scissors & utility knives, glue sticks & tape
• In the bathroom: spare soap, hair brushes, make-up, skin car products
• In the kitchen: kitchen utensils, lollies, pantry items, peg bag.

... and anything else that you can think of!

Choose from five colours – black, grey (stone), white, chocolate or tan (natural). Stitched with an upholstery strength cotton thread.

Small – Height (rolled): 10cm
Base: 6 x 6cm
Medium – Height (rolled): 13cm
Base: 7.5x7.5cm
Large – Height (rolled): 15cm
Base: 9x9cm