the 'tub' – Multi-functional Storage


The Washable Paper storage 'tub' has many uses around the home or office:
• pot plant holder
• bathroom storage for hair brushes, spare soap or skin care products
• kitchen storage for kitchen utensils, onions or potatoes, peg bag
• craft items
• in the kids room for Lego or nursery storage
• around the office for stationary items, that plant for your desk

... and anything else you can think of!

Choose from five colours – black, chocolate, grey (stone), tan (natural) or grey (stone) with white collar. Stitched with an upholstery strength cotton thread.

Dimensions –
Height (with collar rolled down as per image): 19cm
Base: 12 x 12cm
Collar width: 8cm (please note this dimension can alter slightly)

Please note: Collar can be rolled up or down more if you wish to alter the height of finished product.