How about the washable part?

Can you really wash it?
It’s called Washable Paper because it is washable, meaning it withstands wear, water
and moisture. 

It can be washed in a typical home washing machine with either cold or hot water, up to temperatures of about 40°C. Freely use your preferred laundry detergent and run the wash as usual. To remove stubborn stains the fabric can be treated by soaking in a pre-wash powder or sprayed with a pre-wash spray. Personal preference only, and not at all necessary, but if your item has a rolled down top we unroll it. This is only so it washes and dries evenly.  

Drying your Washable Paper is just as simple. After washing, sit it out on a drying rack or hang it out on the line until it’s dry and ready for use again. We stop there as we personally like the aged leather look, but you could also iron to press it back to a crisp look if you prefer. Just stay away from bleach and the dry-cleaners. 

Just remember
Washable Paper is the same fabric as the brown tag on the back of your jeans and you don’t give that a second thought when you wash your jeans – do you? Testament to how sustainable and washable, Washable Paper really is!